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Passwords and PIN codes are the weakest part of any authentication system, leading to huge company losses and regulatory fines. As companies strive to make passwords more secure by adding complexity, they sacrifice usability. This leads to poor password management, and misuse such as unauthorised sharing by employees, and is one of the biggest challenges facing the biggest companies on the planet. Everyone in the IT industry is seeking a solution.

SensiPass creates a 3-FACTOR dynamic digital signature in only THREE SECONDS by capturing a real-time biometric image, and adding a simple-secret-trace over it, all on your smartphone. Simply smile, swipe, and you have proven your identity with the highest level of trust. We provide strong multifactor authentication without passwords, PIN codes or extra hardware, improving the security of biometrics by up to 3X. We simply make biometrics smarter.

We serve companies in markets driven by regulatory drivers to improve security and compliance such as financial institutions, healthcare, and critical infrastructure. These organizations are accustomed to sacrificing convenience for security. While we are unique in the ability to offer all 3-factors of security, our approach inherently improves convenience and usability as well, which is further enhances our value proposition. Our aim is to improve digital security for companies and their end users by authenticating people, not just their credentials.

Leadership team

A passioante and united vision for creating a more secure and accessible digital identity is the strongest driver behind our global team. From our global base in Ireland, our innovative team has brought us to where we are today.

Mike Hill,  Founder and CEO

Mike Hill, Founder and CEO

From his first startup as a keyboardist in a garageband, Mike has had a passion for combining technology with adventure. His background in risk management, security and technology commercialization led him to redefine our approach to digital identity. As a founder and authentication thought leader, he drives the innovations behind the product, and engages consistently with industry leaders in effort to maintain our leading edge. Mike earned his BSc in Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University in Wisconsin.
Andy Wood, COO

Andy Wood, COO

With a core background of sales & marketing in the IT industry, Andrew has 30 years of leadership, including a decade at two Global Professional Service Firms. Andrew has founded & led businesses in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. With his global experience of different cultures, he is driving the Sensipass International Sales and Operational strategy into established & emerging markets.
Nick Walicki, Lead Developer

Nick Walicki, Lead Developer

After earning a Master’s Degree in theoretical chemistry by developing an algorithm that did his homework for him, Nick decided that it was safer combining and manipulating data than it was molecules, even theoretically. He now is the Chief Builder of SensiPass products and actively passionately seeks to improve the way we build and deploy them.
Dr Alex Vakaloudis, Software Architect

Dr Alex Vakaloudis, Software Architect

After gaining an MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Thessaloniki, Greece, Alex completed his MPhil and PhD in Spatio-temporal databases at UMIST, Alex led the building of SensiPass’s first matching algorithms. He now leads our product architecture and brings an applied understanding of e-learning, cloud computing, health-related applications and an increasing grasp of local and Irish history.
Thanh Nguyen, Developer

Thanh Nguyen, Developer

From the time he first joined us as an intern, Thanh has been relentless about meeting challenges and solving problems. His increasingly broad coding experience, self-motivation and attention to detail keeps our documentation as well as our code clean and secure. He is passionate about our shared vision for identity security and earned his BSc in Information Technology.
Andy Walford, Business Development Advisor

Andy Walford, Business Development Advisor

Andrew is an energetic, internationally recognised expert in new Business Development, with a demonstrably successful track record. He brings 18 years of experience working and residing on 4 continents. Working at the highest level, he routinely deals with Governments, Defense and Security. He holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Communication from the University of Johannesburg and currently resides in Australia.

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Enterprise Ireland
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Eastern Foundry
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Technology Partners

SensiPass is collaborating with a select group of leading technology providers to ensure compatibility, superior technology and communications when you need support. We are always open for OEM integration and support. Contact us for more information.


Partner certification program

The Sensipass Partner Program is a valuable way for developers to gain access to our interactive authentication technologies and products. Our highly sophisticated technology is easy to integrate, and less costly than leading alternatives.Having a flexible architecture enables SensiPass to augment various authentication systems across a number of verticals including healthcare, mobile banking and finance, SSOs and can support BYOD policies across numerous enterprise applications. We do not interfere with existing authorization systems, and do not directly compete in that area. Contact us to find out more about how becoming a SensiPass Certified Partner can help you serve and expand your market.

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